Monday, 23 May 2011

Hair, Flair and Disco Balls

Quite literally wish I'd been alive in the 70s sometimes. I previously posted about my ball dress here, and since then I've been looking to find some shoes etc to go. Massively obsessed with 70s inspired block heals, i scanned every website in existence (well, that I could think of!)for a pair I liked and nada. So I resorted to ebay. Not a big fan of the 'thrill of the auction', defiantly more of a want it, buy it now kind of girl, but alas I held out to bid on a pair of dream blocks and won! viola, these are my new babies...

Originally from Toppers for £70, bargain ebay find for £31.01 to be precise! Verrrrrrry happy!

From a recent trip to House of Fraser, I have totally an utterly got BIBA fever (get it?!). Stand out pieces for me was this beyond amazing wedding dress which I think I did originally see in some high street mag such as Look a few weeks/months ago, but it wasn't until I saw it/touched it/ gasped in awe at it that I thought WOW.
It certainly gave me some ideas (I joke Lukey I joke!) and at a price of £595, it shows how classic, memorable and absolutely bloody gorgeous bridal gowns can be on a budget.

Wedding dresses from Biba, available House of Fraser

In other news, I failed my driving test :( we're not going to reflect on how many majors as yes, there was more than one! But I am pretty gutted. Exams are looming so the blog is taking a back seat for now :( Good luck to anyone else with exams or essays in the coming weeks, IT WILL ALL BE OVER SOON!!!

N xxxx

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