Monday, 25 April 2011

Chocolate Induced Coma

Hello Twigglets!

I'm hoping you all hope a wonderful Easter yesterday, personally I ate so much chocolate that I had to have a nap, and woke up 10 hours later... now thats what I call a cracking Easter Sunday!

So, in my previous postings I stated I was going to do an outfit post in the next few days. So I got all set up to take the pictures (I never appreciated how hard it is to actually find a spot to take photos with good light etc) and my camera is flat. Unfortunately, I am at my parents house for a few days so I don't even have my charger until I go back to Hull. Bummer. I guess though this is a good reason to be getting on with some work!

Thought I'd share my dress choice for my Universities end of year ball thats coming up soonish. It's been an amazing event for the past two years, and with it now being my third and final year, I thought what better reason to buy something spectacular (with what my poor student wage will allow!)

Dress: Shelby's Summer Dress, French Connection, £155.

Ahh, soon as I saw this dress I was in love! The colour, the chiffon, the pleats! Quite a daring deep V, but luckily for me nature did not give me a lot to worry about exposure wise! Can anyone recommend a decent 'tit-tape'?

Shoes: KG by Kurt Geiger, £170. I saw these shoes and I am actually obsessed with them. All Kurt Geiger shoes send me into a kind of wishful and wanting haze. At £170 though, I think I'll keep my eye out for a much cheaper high street version.

Bag: Mango, £60.
This bag is from Mango, a brand I haven't always been to keen on. But recently, through it's stock list on sites such as ASOS which I browse frequently, they have come to my attention once again but this time for having some rather interesting and desirable pieces. I love the suede texture and tobacco colour and think it would look great with the dress, some big seventies inspired hair and equally big shoes! Both the shoes and bag can be found at ASOS.

So I best get back to my essays, but some great blogs I have come across in the last few days are Heather's blog which has loads of amazing tips and inspiration for customizing clothes (I shall definitely be having a go at recreating her latest piece fringed denim shorts!), my good friend Florence who has a great passion for film, culture and today's society, and of course my lovely boyfriend Luke who likes football, gadgets and ranting (and me, of course!)

Loadsa Love, N xxx


  1. Oh my word that dress it beautiful. I love the colour of it! xxx

  2. Dream on with the £300+ outfit lol. Nice post though, I know you'd look smashing in that dress, big bad bees will do it justice :) You know what I think you should next post about, fashion on boys, what do you like? Then i'll know what not to wear :P lolololol. I joke, but a post on summer male fashion would be nice : ) xxxxxxx

  3. I love love love the colour of that dress! I've been looking for a nice top in that colour, maybe a blouse. You will look stunning at your ball :) xx

  4. Haha, I love that you ended up having a 10 hour nap!! That dress is beautiful- hope you find some decent tape to keep you tucked in! Your boyfriends comment made me laugh!xx

  5. Thank you guys! :) haha he is an idiot!! xxx

  6. Those shoes look amazing! I love the dress as well, really beautiful! If you did do a male fashion post i'm sure the boys I know would appreciate it haha! One of them thinks polo shirts are going out of fashion?! I doubt it somehow... xxx

  7. Those heels look amazing!!!!! I need them in my life xxx