Sunday, 15 May 2011

One day, we're gonna live in Paris... I promise, I'm on it.

So after a pretty epic rubbish week of uni work and worries about the future and sorts, the only answer really was vodka...

So after a few beverages, me and my housemate have decided to say a big "SCREW YOU" to the maturation of our former school girl selves (we have been friends since school and still get on enough to live together, n'awwww) and not get a job or 'settle down' and jet the hell off to Paris. To do what, who knows. But why not!!! What if something serious happened tomorrow in which we couldn't enjoy life anymore and we always wonder what if!

Oh crikey, I should probably go to bed. Semi-tipsy (okay, quite tipsy) blogging: not recommended.


N xxxx

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