Saturday, 14 May 2011

Yurt tastic

So, I have finally FINALLY handed in all of my University coursework FOREVER! Can't be celebrating too soon as exams are looming... :( Uni has genuinely been the best three years ever, but boy do I seriously not enjoy my course. Anyway, before I bore you all with my woes about life after university, I'm going to share a few pictures from my lovely boyfriend's 21st birthday!

Ok, so this was the cake I made. Not gonna lie, my absolute pride and joy! Bloody sweat and tears and all that... went down a treat, Luke was speechless! It was heartbreaking to take it apart and I couldn't bring myself to eat the birds!

For Lukey's next treat, I took him Glamping!!! It was quite possibly one of the most amazing/surreal nights ever!! We stayed here in a yurt and would highly recommend it to anyone!!

These are the pic of the bunch picture wise, I was quite snap happy! Inside the yurt was amazing, we really were not expecting it! We had a home cooked meal delivered to us and it was lush and we'd just been in the hot tub which was outside the hurt in a little hut in the middle of a field. very surreal! We had a campfire going later on with two other couples and the owners, drinks were flowing and it was great! Now I wish everyday could Be this fun!!

In other news, god I am so crap starting this 'fashion' blog that has not actually been all that much about fashion! I planned to do a haul post as i've bought a lot of stuff recently.. but would anyone be interested? My camera is also playing up... oh and UNI WORK. arghhhh!!

Anyway, loadsa love xxxx

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  1. Amazinggggggg! Love youuu xxxxxxx