Sunday, 25 November 2012

Festivities on a budget

Hello lovelies!!!

So, Christmas is here again, that certainty crept up very quickly indeed! I'm usually the type to shun the Christmas festivities until much later in the year (christmas eve shopping anyone?) But there is just something about this year and I'm feeling particularly jolly and festive, and we're still in November!!! 2012 will be the first Christmas Luke and I have had in our little flat and I couldn't be more excited to crack out some Christmas Decor. I'm quite the avid pinterester and have seeming replaced my usual searches (mainly pugs and other baby animals...ahem) for the likes of all things christmassy. It's a great place to gather some inspiration. We've set ourselves a budget of £50 for christmas decorations, this probably sound quite a lot but at £25 each we currently have nothing to recycle so it will have to go a long way!!
Credit: Pintest
I love the above picture so much, I love the ceiling hanging with the candles and all the greenery! Unfortunately, my flat doesn't QUITE look that good (heck, we haven't even got a table!) So I doubt we'd be able to create this! I do want to have ago at making a wreath, you can buy these on ebay (here and here) but if you're trying to be really thrifty like us, why not have ago yourself? BBC have posted a great article and video which you can view here with step by step instructions on how to make your own.
Credit: Pintrest
Ahh, the humble pinecone. So simple, yet so elegant!! If you've got some spray paint knocking about anywhere, grab some pine cones and a bit of ribbon and, well, are instructions needed? If you're feeling like you want a bit more glamour, don't forget the glitter!

Credit: Pintrest
Now, I'm not sure about you guys, but if there's one thing I love about Christmas, it's the food. Not only do I love the eating part, but the baking part too! I saw this and thought what a great idea, I'm sure we all have some christmas biscuit cutters knocking about (if not they are incredibly cheap to buy, some examples are here and here) And when you've made all the biscuits you need to feed the masses, grab some ribbon hang hand them from your tree!

Credit: Pintrest
Finally, I saw the above and it kind of melted my heart! What an excellent, eye catching piece and, who doesn't love some hand/finger painting!! Can't wait for us to have a go at this! I throughly can't wait to have a go at making some of these and I will update you with photos accordingly!!

I'd love to know any other ideas you might have for some unique yet budget friendly decorative ideas! If any of you have pintrest, you can follow me here.

As a little side note, yesterday I started a new blog about my life as a graduate. If any of you can relate to the current struggles us graduates are experiencing, I urge you to please check it out as I'd love to hear your opinions on the subjects discussed. You can read all about it at

 Lots of Festive Love!! xxxxx

Sunday, 8 July 2012

Nail it.

Hello blogging world...

 ...forgive me for I have sinned. It has been TOO LONG since my last blog post.

So, in a nutshell, I have moved out and away from the parents house in the hometown, moved into a new flat with the boyfriend in his hometown, started a new job... left said new job and started another newer job, dyed my hair blonde, dyed my hair 'ombre', dyed my hair ginge, dyed my hair blonde again, watched my hair disintegrate from said dying, bought some mugs, bought some cushions, paid some council tax (bastards), paid back some student loan (bastards), tried to become a domestic goddess (failed), decided that living off fast food is instead the way (totally gained, cry) and now....

Well, I think I've settled down a bit (sort of... Ok, no). But besides this domestic bliss (if you define bliss as boredom/madness), I have been getting busy with the nail varnish and wanted to share a few creations :)

Pug nails!

One of my besties sent my these lovelies as a 'Go on Son!' sort of gesture when I got my new job. They looked amazing! Anyone who knows me will know that I am a worshipper of all things pug and I wore these loud and proud! The stickers are from Ebay.


Leopard Ombre Nails

I smudged these a bit when I put on a top coat boo :( But I love them!


Tye-dye Nails

This is one of my faves and was really easy to do, lots of compliments on these! Most people thought they were nail wraps!


Water Marbling take one

Wow! I was so impressed with how these came out, but dear lord is it a messy process. Again, a lot of people commented on these. My second attempt however...


Water marbling take two

... came out even better in my opinion!!!

WAH inspired nails

Finally, this design was inspired by a trip to Topshop in Oxford street in which my friend and I drooled over the nails in the WAH nail bar. We couldn't bare to part with £30 to get ours done (hey...this is a recession guys!!!) so I decided to give one of their designs a go myself. I think it came out quite well!!! I do quite a few different designs every week, some come out quite well, others look a bit tosh! I will try to take some more pictures to share with you guys, nail posts are some of my favourite posts to read. If anyone is interested in what makes/colours I used then please drop me a comment (my nail varnish box is too far away/too full for me to go through and find each and every one I used right now!) Similarly, if anyone is interested in how I created the designs then I'd be happy to do a tutorial. 

 Happy Sunday twigglets, over and out xxxxxxx