Monday, 30 May 2011

Think Pink

Top and Jeans: Topshop
Headscarf: New Look

So I kinda realized I'm posing the same in almost all these photos! This is what I wore the other night to go for a bit of revision break all you can eat Chinese with my friend Sara, fair to say we ate until we could eat no more! Not a lot to report from my past weeks adventures, my exams and therefore my whole degree is over on Friday, pretty scary stuff but so so so looking forward to a break! And with the End of year ball on Saturday... EEEEEKKKK so excited to wear my dress!!!

Me and Sara made our own Pizza! Her mum and sister came to visit and we decided to get our Jamie Oliver on, here are just a few snaps I took

We were pretty impressed by our results! They were slightly doughy (ok, quite a bit...) but we ate them any way!!!!!

Finally, I have entered the NEXT make me a model competition. It would be really lovely if you could spend just a few seconds and vote for me!!!

N xxxxx


  1. Your pizzas turned out so well. I try to make pizza too, and it has always came out ok so far. I'll try to include your blog on my feature. I've had a lot of requests for it, so I'm just going do one big post with several blogs on it, instead of several individual posts (as otherwise I'd be running the feature almost every day).


  2. thank you Sarah, means a lot!!! :) xxx

  3. I like your headscarf! Very pretty. I've only ever made pizza on french bread before, which actually isn't pizza at all and just an easy cop-out! x

  4. Oooo no I love those french bread style pizzas!! They sell them in this little bakery where I live I buy them all the time!! xxx

  5. Wow, they look really yummy!