Monday, 30 May 2011

Think Pink

Top and Jeans: Topshop
Headscarf: New Look

So I kinda realized I'm posing the same in almost all these photos! This is what I wore the other night to go for a bit of revision break all you can eat Chinese with my friend Sara, fair to say we ate until we could eat no more! Not a lot to report from my past weeks adventures, my exams and therefore my whole degree is over on Friday, pretty scary stuff but so so so looking forward to a break! And with the End of year ball on Saturday... EEEEEKKKK so excited to wear my dress!!!

Me and Sara made our own Pizza! Her mum and sister came to visit and we decided to get our Jamie Oliver on, here are just a few snaps I took

We were pretty impressed by our results! They were slightly doughy (ok, quite a bit...) but we ate them any way!!!!!

Finally, I have entered the NEXT make me a model competition. It would be really lovely if you could spend just a few seconds and vote for me!!!

N xxxxx

Monday, 23 May 2011

Hair, Flair and Disco Balls

Quite literally wish I'd been alive in the 70s sometimes. I previously posted about my ball dress here, and since then I've been looking to find some shoes etc to go. Massively obsessed with 70s inspired block heals, i scanned every website in existence (well, that I could think of!)for a pair I liked and nada. So I resorted to ebay. Not a big fan of the 'thrill of the auction', defiantly more of a want it, buy it now kind of girl, but alas I held out to bid on a pair of dream blocks and won! viola, these are my new babies...

Originally from Toppers for £70, bargain ebay find for £31.01 to be precise! Verrrrrrry happy!

From a recent trip to House of Fraser, I have totally an utterly got BIBA fever (get it?!). Stand out pieces for me was this beyond amazing wedding dress which I think I did originally see in some high street mag such as Look a few weeks/months ago, but it wasn't until I saw it/touched it/ gasped in awe at it that I thought WOW.
It certainly gave me some ideas (I joke Lukey I joke!) and at a price of £595, it shows how classic, memorable and absolutely bloody gorgeous bridal gowns can be on a budget.

Wedding dresses from Biba, available House of Fraser

In other news, I failed my driving test :( we're not going to reflect on how many majors as yes, there was more than one! But I am pretty gutted. Exams are looming so the blog is taking a back seat for now :( Good luck to anyone else with exams or essays in the coming weeks, IT WILL ALL BE OVER SOON!!!

N xxxx

Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Pug cameo

Jumper: ASOS
Dress (worn as skirt): H & M
Shoes: New Look
Nails: No.17 'parma violet'

Mainly just scruffed about today but this is what I threw together to go for coffee with my boyfy. I am so so obsessed with dogs it's unreal! One of those sad people that watches videos of puppies on youtube for hours... yup that's me! So this top (I like to call it 'Pugsworth'!) is quite possibly one of the best things I've ever bought, just makes me want to go AWWWWW every time I pull it out! I've also been after a really nice lilac nail colour for ages and after buying a few naff ones (Barbara daily at Tesco-not good!) I finally discovered this one, love it!

Revision...I hate to say it but I think I'd rather be doing an essay... At least then you feel like your progressing a little bit!! I also have my driving test on Friday, scary times! Other than these things, I haven't got a whole lot to blog about at the min, woe is life and all that (for three weeks anyway)

Discovered that my webcam actually works earlier and took the opportunity to waste a bit of time and test out what it does (only had it three years) haha I wasn't going to share these but what the heckers

Haha the last is a personal fave!!

Finally just wanted to share with you something my housemate and long time sufferer of my friendship Sara made for me, she's very good at the arty farty side of life (jealous mucho) and was quite touched by this little piece!

Lots of loveliness xxxxxxxxxxxxx

Sunday, 15 May 2011

One day, we're gonna live in Paris... I promise, I'm on it.

So after a pretty epic rubbish week of uni work and worries about the future and sorts, the only answer really was vodka...

So after a few beverages, me and my housemate have decided to say a big "SCREW YOU" to the maturation of our former school girl selves (we have been friends since school and still get on enough to live together, n'awwww) and not get a job or 'settle down' and jet the hell off to Paris. To do what, who knows. But why not!!! What if something serious happened tomorrow in which we couldn't enjoy life anymore and we always wonder what if!

Oh crikey, I should probably go to bed. Semi-tipsy (okay, quite tipsy) blogging: not recommended.


N xxxx

Saturday, 14 May 2011

Yurt tastic

So, I have finally FINALLY handed in all of my University coursework FOREVER! Can't be celebrating too soon as exams are looming... :( Uni has genuinely been the best three years ever, but boy do I seriously not enjoy my course. Anyway, before I bore you all with my woes about life after university, I'm going to share a few pictures from my lovely boyfriend's 21st birthday!

Ok, so this was the cake I made. Not gonna lie, my absolute pride and joy! Bloody sweat and tears and all that... went down a treat, Luke was speechless! It was heartbreaking to take it apart and I couldn't bring myself to eat the birds!

For Lukey's next treat, I took him Glamping!!! It was quite possibly one of the most amazing/surreal nights ever!! We stayed here in a yurt and would highly recommend it to anyone!!

These are the pic of the bunch picture wise, I was quite snap happy! Inside the yurt was amazing, we really were not expecting it! We had a home cooked meal delivered to us and it was lush and we'd just been in the hot tub which was outside the hurt in a little hut in the middle of a field. very surreal! We had a campfire going later on with two other couples and the owners, drinks were flowing and it was great! Now I wish everyday could Be this fun!!

In other news, god I am so crap starting this 'fashion' blog that has not actually been all that much about fashion! I planned to do a haul post as i've bought a lot of stuff recently.. but would anyone be interested? My camera is also playing up... oh and UNI WORK. arghhhh!!

Anyway, loadsa love xxxx