Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Turn those blues to brights

Moschino Cheap & Chic

Jil Sander SS11

Prada Fantasy Collection

Palmoa Faith and Marina Diamandis

Still haven't got the hang of these photos on blogger, never seem to layout the way I want them too, Hmmmmm.

So today I have been to the library like a good student and made an attempt to plow through the work, one week and 11,000 words, superb. Naturally I felt a bit low about all of this and decided what better way to cheer me up than with a splash of colour. At first glance, the Moschino suit may seem a little garish (and perhaps even after the second, or even third...) but I absolutely love it! Can't see myself wearing it as a one piece, but would definitely wear that jacket over a LBD. It kinda gives me a Mr Blobby vibe too, not really sure if this is the intention here, but hey I loved Noel's house party (and now I feel so incredibly old!)

The entire Jil Sander SS11 collection was amazing, hence why I tried to use images with as many of the outfits on I could find! Many bloggers have written about their distaste of the 'colour blocking' trend, but personally I love it, simple, eye catching and these brights certainly give the feel good factor.

100% in love with those Prada shoes. I would probably sell my dissertation and fail my degree (not that the total 1,000 words is worth all that much at the moment!) for these babies. Maybe I could spoil myself with them as a end of uni treat? IF ONLY.

And finally, a picture of two of my style crushes Paloma and Marina. I don't intend to blog about celebrities, but I loved this picture of the pair, bright lips and hair bows too.

I have decided to stay at my parents house a little longer (better food) so will be unable to make any outfit posts still, which is quite annoying but is given me lots of time to think of some good ones and remember outfits I've liked that I've worn recently!

N xxxx


  1. Keep it up : )
    I'm still waiting for that male fashion blog, i'll even do all the modelling, 'cos I'm like well fit, and have a killer pout, mwah, thats so reem (or whatever Joey Essex says).
    I watched that the other day, it was the glamping one. Their trip wasn't a patch on our yurt experience btw!! We own, bish bash bosh.
    Anyway... where was I? Thats it!!! Joey Essex:
    When he said about his little Smart car "Its like a mini Range Rover innit" and gave a loving look at the car as though in his eyes it was some form of badboy bling car like something out of a Snoop Dogg and Dr. Dre RnB/Rap or whatever genre music they do video. <--- Mouthful.
    So yer, keep blogging and enjoying that fine food you're getting fed : )

    I loves yer


    also, sorry, some of them clothes are ghastly, but in a strange twisty weird way, would probs suit you, and your colourful personality.

    Them, shoes are pretty bad though, do not sell them 1000 words lol. They look like they've been crayoned in, and if it wasn't for the pattern on the floor trying to make them look cool, would look out of place in a childrens ball pool (don't think that comment makes sense). But I think youre better off with the 1000 words rather than been one thousand pounds down on some crayola heels.

    You, really must be wanting to punch me now lol.


    Hopefully some excessive kisses will help numb the want to punch


  2. Those Prada shoes are pretty awesome :) xx

  3. Wow, these are all so bright and exciting! xxx